Vector Wero Whitewater Park


The ICG creative team for Vector Wero Whitewater Park brought us on board to capture video and photo assets to be used for web, social media and ultimately to put together a 30sec social media commercial to launch the opening of the park, and drive awareness, increase web visits, park visits and repeat park visits.


Our team sent out 2 videographers to film and a sports photographer to capture action shots of the talent experiencing the park in real time, and a dedicated drone pilot to get all the action from above.  We also had sound recording of the laughs, gasps and splashing of water to include in the soundtrack.


We are absolutely fine working within a larger framework of suppliers to deliver specialised imagery content, and being that ICG have resources available in-house, Wero’s creative team supplied their own graphics and soundtrack for the commercial including voice-over artist and music.


Vector Wero Whitewater Park, Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand


2 x videographers, 1 photographer, 1 x dedicated drone pilot


Full day of coverage


30sec + 90sec tvc for website + social media, 14 day Turnaround

Drone, Media, Social Media, Videography