What is 10×10 Philanthropy?

A lack of funds and awareness can be detrimental to the success of key grassroots organisations fighting to make the world a better place. 10×10 creates a bridge between these impactful Social Purpose Organisations (SPOs) and supportive communities through vibrant and meaningful events. 10×10 events are not just gatherings, but a platform where the founders of leading SPOs share their impactful missions directly with you. Our innovative Shark Tank inspired framework dives deep into the business models of these SPOs, allowing you to ask questions and ensure they’re poised for sustainable impact. Alongside the chance to win amazing auction prizes, enjoy entertainment, drinks, canapés, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Every event is a chance to be part of something bigger. Join us by attending or organising an event, and directly fuel the positive change in your community with 10×10!

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